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Five key factors to understand the importance of digital marketing integration

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Every day enterprises are considering digital marketing campaigns more and more as an important part (even the most one) of their marketing budgets.  Of course, its proportion depends on the target of the business, but regardless of it, it’s evident the online channel is changing the business models since some years.

In my opinion, online channels shouldn’t be a replacement of traditional ones, having both coexisting could be the key of your business success. Online channels offer new features and they have to be profited planning digital marketing campaigns to:

  • increase ROI
  • analyze the results and user’s feedback
  • improve conversation with our customer
  • increase reach
  • etc…

To better understand the importance of integrating online marketing campaigns let’s analyze five facts that will help us figuring out the evolution of online users.

1. Number of Internet connections.

The image displayed below shows the percentage of Internet access and broadband Internet connections by household in Europe, having the double of broadband connections and about 43% increase of Internet access since 2006:

Internet usage from 2006 to 2010

Eurostat internet usage

Data source: Eurostat (online data codes:  isoc_pibi_hiac, isoc_pibi_hba).


2. Online user’s device: prioritizing mobility.

Mobility & Online… that’s the conclusion after analyzing the sales evolution of smartphones and laptops showed below.  In the chart smartphones sales till 2010 have strongly increased and we can even see the estimation for 2011 where the tendency does not seem to change, even the sales of both devices aims to be quite similar.

 Smartphone and laptop sales from 2005 to 2010 (2011 estimated)Smartphone laptops sales evolution in time

  Data source:  RBC Capital markets.


3. Searches on Internet: Information availability.

Online users get benefits of how the data is available and indexed on Internet, that’s why people uses search engines to access faster and with more precision to the information they were looking for. The following shows the US search volume evolution since December 2004.

Monthly US searches

 Search volume in US

 Data source: comScore.


4. Social networks.

One of the most important things to care about while planning a digital marketing strategy is the conversation with the users. Social networks are a new resource for both sides (user and provider) and the statistics reflect it. We can see in the following image the popularity growth for two of the most used social networks:

Twitter Vs Facebook awareness

Social networks twitter facebook

Data Source: Arbitron, Edison Research


5. Online sales: variety, availability, facility and recommendations from the community.

As a consequence of the Internet penetration and the access facility in the new devices, digital channels are been used more and more to purchase products and/or services. As showed in the image below, the sales growth in the latest years has been increasing each year.

U.S. e-Commerce dollar sales growth ($ Billions)

ecommerce sales US

Data source: comScore


Those statistics show us the importance of online channels, and in consequence, the importance of digital marketing campaigns to cover them. Regarding the evolution, it’s not surprising that the tendency for online channels will keep increasing.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you want to share your opinion about digital marketing integration.

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2 thoughts on “Five key factors to understand the importance of digital marketing integration

  1. Good post with useful information, thanks.
    I like how the evolution of the internet has bought a certain fair-play to the market, in the sense that it gets harder and harder to “trick” potential clients into buying your products. Because there is so many information on the web, therefore nowadays the customer has the power to decide which is the best choice for him (comparing prices, features, reviews…).
    I am interested in this new part of the e-marketing which, as you said in your post, analyzes the data and establishes a direct and truthful communication with the client. I think this is the key to a healthy and prosperous business nowadays.
    Great blog, keep up the good work.

  2. I think that you are msinisg one core tenet. That is self service. I consider online tools although typically bolted on such as internet banking, knowledge base, financial calculators, and chat to be vehicles that allow the consumer to find their own answers to bank specific questions. These types of questions like what do i do with a lost or stolen debit card are often asked outside of traditional banking hours. If you are a direct bank self service tools are critical to your success and with an internet generation they are becoming expectations for the smallest of institutions.

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