How to create a virtual database from a text file using Teiid

With Teiid the integration between different data sources (flatfiles, web services, databases) is possible by creating a VirtualDB as one federated database, allowing to perform SQL statements (as joins f.e.) trough a JDBC connection. Let’s start learning how to create a virtual database from a text file. Read more[...]

Introduction to Opa, the cloud language.

Trying to find new solutions or technologies to develop web applications I discovered Opa, an alternative oriented to cloud computing environments. Opa is a new web development platform available as open source that includes its own language and compiler and offers a solution for scalability, security and integration for web applications. Read more[...]

Considering a cloud computing environment for our business

Since 2008 the cloud computing is acquiring importance, more and more enterprises are offering or adapting their solutions for a cloud computing environment. Could be an advantage for our business to use them? How will affect us the migration to the cloud? There will be pros and cons, so taking advantage of a cloud computing environment will depend on our business situation that has to be analyzed before making a decision Read more[...]

Ten design suggestions to enhance the usability on your web site

Frequently when designing our web site we assume the behaviour of our visitors, believing they will interact in a certain way. However another points of view have to be considered because not everyone has the same notion and/or knowledge of the information offered in our site. Have you ever cared about the usability on your web site? When a visitor comes to your site, does he know what to do and how do it? Read more[...]

Five key factors to understand the importance of digital marketing integration

Every day enterprises are considering digital marketing campaigns more and more as an important part (even the most one) of their marketing budgets. The online channel is changing the business models since some years. To better understand the importance of online marketing campaigns let’s analyze five facts that will help us figuring out the evolution of online users. Read more[...]

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